Ten “Must Do” Car Maintenance Tasks

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  Want your Car to Last? Maintain It! Cars are expensive to buy and can be very expensive to maintain. A lot of us neglect our cars completely, or do the very bare minimum that we have to do to keep them on the road. Some of us want to take care of our vehicles,… Read more »

Beware of the Curber

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  A lot of people prefer to buy used cars rather than new. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that 38% of millionaires buy their cars used (maybe that’s why they’re millionaires – they know the value of money and they save it wherever they can). Over five years of ownership, buying a… Read more »

Does Car Service Cost More at a Dealership?

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  More to Car Service than Just Price When most people buy a new vehicle, they take it back to the dealership that they bought it from for regular maintenance and repairs. Then, after a few years (usually after the warranty has expired), a funny thing starts to happen. They stop going back to the… Read more »